Neil Harbisson First Cyborg Feature

Meet The World’s First Legal Cyborg

Neil Harbisson is the future. Literally!

Ladies and gentlerobots welcome to the future. Meet Neil Harbisson, the world’s first legally-recognized cyborg. The Barcelona, Spain native uses an “eyeborg” apparatus that connects to the back of his head and arches over his face to allow him to interpret colors. Otherwise, his condition – known as achromatopsia – would confine his sight to shades of grey.

In 2010 he founded the Cyborg Foundation – whose mission statement is to “help humans become cyborgs, to promote the use of cybernetics as part of the human body and to defend cyborg rights.”

A long ethical and technical dispute with UK authorities delayed Harbisson’s status, but he now carries legal identification of himself wearing his eyeborg, thus making him the world’s first government-recognized cyborg.

I wonder what Bender from Futurama would say about this one? Probably something like, “He ain’t no real robot until he can store booze in his chest!”


Neil Harbisson First Cyborg Feature

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  • Ayo we like 2 seconds away from iRobot i swear lmao. This is doooope. We need more of this. Geniuses unite to keep giving us cool as shit! Salute