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Meet Some Smart Graffiti Fools

Meet Some Smart Graffiti Fools

Fool’s Gold and Flughaus Gallery join forces this Thursday, Dec 12th to showcase some of the smartest graffiti fools this side of the Big Apple. The exhibition, Smart Fools, is going down at the Fool’s Gold store in Brooklyn and featuring the work of the Smart Crew. That’ll be Action Bronson, Dceve, Despot, Elmo, Hso, Jeffrey Gamblero, Marty, Meyhem Lauren, Mr. Kiji, Pierre Hefner, Snoeman, Tom Gould and Toper to be exact. To promote the event the parties came together to produce one real funny graffiti video. Watch as the vandals featured jump through all kinds of hoops for some fairly simple sticker slaps – an ironic and comedic take on Smart Crew’s actual work. Not saying that these guys don’t already get their Mission Impossible on, just noting that it doesn’t take a Uhaul truck rental or a bushwacking suit to covertly place a sticker.

Fans can stop by the Fool’s Gold store tomorrow evening 7-9PM for their chance to see the gold themed exhibition and score a few limited edition items.

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