Meet London’s Promising Death Punks: Shallow Sanction

Jesse Cannon and Jake Gill of the U.K. punk band get us up to speed on their backstory

London’s got a new name in punk rock. Shallow Sanction is a four-piece group that emits of a powerful mix of throwback U.K. punk rock with some deathly guitar riffs and lyricism. It’s fucking hardcore, to say the absolute least, and it bleeds with intensity and classic punk vibes not many can rival.

Shallow Sanction recently released their debut, Shallow Sanction EP, through Hospital Productions. The 6-track project is chaotic, raw, and bleak; a soundtrack to driving at night with a lowered brow, blowing cigarette smoke out your car window, and head-banging to short ballads. It’s a throwback to old London indeed, with youthful themes of anger, urban thoughts, and gothic vibes of death.

We got a chance to ask the London punks a few questions. Jesse Cannon and Jake Gill sent in their combined responses.

Mass Appeal: Who is in the band and how did you guys get started?

Jake Gill: The band is Jake, Jesse, Rob, and Alex. Myself and Jesse started writing songs together at home and coming up with the basic ideas which would eventually evolve into bits of the EP. Rob came in on drum duties, so we were able to practice as a band and get our stuff together. We then recorded the EP as a three-piece at the end of 2013. We found our bassist in Alex after the recording and the four of us have been Shallow Sanction ever since.

MA: Who are the top influences for Shallow Sanction?

JG: Predominantly Corpus Christi, Mortorhate Records, Spiderleg releases, as well as classic British Oi bands, amongst other things.

MA: There’s definitely gothic sensibilities and darker feelings in the punk Shallow Sanction creates. There’s a lot of that missing in punk today. What do you feel like the band is aiming to tap into in terms of sound?

JG: With Shallow Sanction, we are trying to mold or change with time to make sure it doesn’t stagnate. When we first got together, we were sitting in my room knocking out fast stripped-down raw punk, but with our obvious goth influences. As this is going to progress, we are wanting to expand on the sound and work on creating something people may not of heard before or at least in a long time.

MA: Do you guys plan on touring in the U.S.?

JG: It’s something we’d really like to do. It’s very difficult without the finances, but hopefully in the future we can work this out.

MA: Do you find more attention and success in the U.K. or the U.S.?

JG: It feels like the attention in the U.S. and Europe has been a lot greater than that of the U.K. We’ve only done two live shows in London, so there is still a lot more to come, and hopefully we can build something on our home turf!

MA: What’s it feel like having your record put out by Hospital Productions?

JG: We’ve known Dom for a few years now, and Jesse spent a lot of time touring with him in the past. He helped him get his first project together called Natural Assembly and has always shown his support. When we told him about this project, he was excited to hear it. We showed him some demos whilst he was visiting London and he loved them and wanted to put out the record. Hospital Productions has been a favorite label of ours for a long time now and it feels great that we can release music through them, considering they have released some of the best music out there. We get to work with our friend and know he has a passion for it.

MA: How would you describe the debut EP?

JG: Bleak. It’s pretty raw and stripped-down in sound. The majority of it was written by us in my flat in the cold, and it was recorded in shitty south London in a cold warehouse, and we think that shows through the music.

MA: What’s next down the road?

JG: We have a limited live session cassette coming out on our own label, and then we have tracks recorded for a 7″ that will be out later in the year we hope. We are wanting to play lots of shows and get ourselves out there.

You can preview Shallow Sanction’s new EP above and download the full project via Boomkat.

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