Graeme British Skateboarder

Meet Graeme, a Skateboarder with Asperger’s

In a short film, director Will Robson-Scott documents the life of Graeme, a British skateboarder enduring his condition. See how he copes with the challenge of Asperger's through skating.

Skateboarders in the UK can compete with some of best of the riders in the US. Even the guys who aren’t killing every trick like London’s Palace Skate team have a story to be told. Mass Appeal fam, Will Robson-Scott found such a compelling figure in Graeme, a man living and skating with Asperger’s. Robson-Scott says:

“Graeme is a passionate skateboarder who has been a staple of the London skateboard community for 25 years. A regular fixture at every skating event, his eccentricities and enthusiasm for the culture are accentuated through his condition, Asperger’s syndrome. Everyone has something in their life that puts a smile on their face; for Graeme this is skating.”

The syndrome that’s a form of autism, normally affecting verbal communication and fluid movement is actually increased in his quirkiness, but somehow controlled through his commitment to skating. What’s most enlightening about him is how he perceives skateboarding simply as therapy, especially in cases when frustration overcomes one when mastering certain tricks. His thoughtful, metaphoric perspective is known to be a result of his condition, which you can appreciate more as a gift of knowledge.

Graeme British Skateboarder

Graeme British Skateboarder

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