Meek Mill ft. Paloma Ford “I Don’t Know” Video

He definitely knows.

Meek Mill steps out of his barely lit, fireball-laden, wet floor for the effect, empty lot/warehouse comfort zone with his latest music video, linking up with LA-based songstress Paloma to present the visuals for “I Don’t Know.”

Here’s what we do know about the point of the song:

  • Making sure you’re aware of all the high end products he consumes: Porsches, Red Bottoms (layman’s terms for Christian Louboutin Sneakers), and “Red Models” √
  • Making sure you’re aware of how many of the said models he’s copulating with, and how intact their body and bodily functions pertaining to said copulation are √
  • Shitting on Instagram haters…√
  • Reminding you, as most rappers like to do these days, that “they even hated on Jesus!”√
  • Touching anything of his is considered suicide. Just so we’re all clear, he really means a homicide will occur. √
  • Name dropping MMG/Rick Ross-endorsed products √
  • Making sure you know that he knows that you know that you’ll never live his life, f*ck n***a√

This is riveting stuff, only eclipsed by Eif Rivera’s directorial efforts, who paints Meek Mill as some sort of war-torn savior looking to liberate his lady of the moment, his Helen of Troy, his peace— which coincidentally is the meaning of Paloma’s name!

Check out the video in the player up top, and catch Meek doing his best Mad Max while freeing the Bonnie to his Clyde. This should be available on Meek’s next Christmas tree ornament…coaster…man’s best friend bonding apparatus… album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. We apologize ahead of time if you suddenly have an urge to go buy bottles of champagne or headphones that Meek is obligated to hawk in his videos.


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