Meyhem, Heems, Action Cue “Special Effects”

Three of New York's rap kingpins walk into a bar... This isn't a bad joke, but if it was, the punchline is a bruiser of a Dennis Hopper sample.

Mayhem Lauren Action Bronson Heems Das Racist rap

No shots at Pusha T and Malice, but the triumvirate of Meyhem Lauren, Heems (Das Racist) and Action Bronson are like a reboot of exclusive audio footage. They are raw, dope, unfiltered on this Harry Fraud production, off Meyhem’s Respect The Fly Shit album coming soon. No shame in their game, especially not for Himanshu who professes to pull the race card, in a cardigan. Don’t let that phase you. The sample from Dennis Hopper’s psycho-drama Blue Velvet (1986) knows no color lines either, black and blue, ouch.


Mayhem Lauren Action Bronson Heems Das Racist rap

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