Max Schaaf’s Skateboard Deck Rides for Real and 4Q

Max Schaaf’s Skateboard Deck Rides for Real and 4Q

Each time a skate company puts out a deck, you can’t imagine that they approach it like they’re going to reinvent the wheel. Hope they don’t overthink it, as Max Schaaf shows how the process of shaping the board can take a nose dive with too many ideas. Being an O.G. for Real skateboards, alongside Keith Hufnagel, Schaaf has seen the evolution of collaborations come and go. His latest graphic for Real has more significance because it pictures where he’s at during this stage of his life. Now running a motorcycle garage called Q4 in Oakland. Skating is still in Schaaf’s veins, hence this new project that follows his allegiance to the core skate community like his Half-Cab with Vans a few years back. Grab you one of the 300 limited edition velvet posters of the same graphic (also designed by his friend Chris Wright). Don’t think, just do it.

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