Max Fish “End Of Days” Exclusive Preview

The end of an era in the Lower East Side is upon us as Max Fish plans to officially close their doors on August 1st. Ava Rollins co-curated an exhibition, a last hurrah, to bid farewell to The Fish. Here's what she had to say.

Max Fish photo by Wyatt Neumann

What makes Max Fish so special? How can one space be a den for so many different people, over decades, in a city that morphs by the second? We never feel too wild, too tired, or too sad there, because it’s this infinitely happy cloud. The spirit of the space remains an original in a rising storm of inauthenticity.

Places like Max Fish perpetuate the sense of an actual neighborhood that is (or was) the best of the LES. We walk in and we’re treated like a member of The Family. Scars, smudges and wrinkles are marks that command respect.

Thousands upon thousands of us have logged some extra fun times at the Fish. It’s our spot, haven, oasis – for happy hours, last calls and everything in between. Let’s watch Apocalypse Now while refueling on popcorn. Let’s ride a mechanical pony while catching some pool. Let’s slide into the back booth, pull down our hats or flip our hair and effectively check out. This is our safe zone.

But Max Fish is actually, really, officially shuttering its LES space; effectively ending an era, and re-opening in Brooklyn this August. When I found out no one was putting together an epic last art show, I decided to curate one final homage with Yolande Whitcomb.

We put together the show in two weeks. Everyone we asked wanted to show, and we know we missed people. But that doesn’t make this any less their show. Our show, END OF DAYS, an homage to Max Fish LES opens this Wednesday June 5, 2013.  The final show before Max Fish LES shutters August 1, 2013 will be up until the last week in July, and will feature art by Craig Wetherby, Ricky Powell, Wyatt Neumann, Max Snow, Jason Goldwatch, George Horner, Robert Nightingale, FAILE, Greg Lamarche, Dave Ortiz, Cecilia Jurado, Lady Aiko, BEAU, Bäst, Norma Markley and surprise guests…we’ll deck the space in our art, from floor to ceiling, neonsa-flashing. So until August 1st.

By Ava Rollins

George Horner
Jason Goldwatch
Wyatt Neumann
Max Snow
Original art by George Horner 1991 / End of Days show poster Ben Worrel 2013


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