Matthew Olin Reimagines Batman & Co. as Fonts

Artist Matthew Olin turns some of the Superfriends into super fonts. POW!


You probably never thought much about Sans Serf until artist Matthew Olin decided to give the font a make-over in the form of superheroes.

Sans Serif gets its name from its ability to blend in, that is unless it’s altered to grab your attention. Its easy on the eyes (on screen) and is used for the most part in headlines, and not as body text. In Europe, Sans Serif is all over the page like its cousin Helevetica. You know Helevetica, right? It’s the go-to font for EVERYTHING since its introduction in 1957. It’s the font most recognizable in our graphically congested world. That Olin injected Sans Serif with some Americana is awesome. And what’s more American than Batman and his superhero friends?

“The most distinguishing factor of any font is its characters,” Olin, a Duluth, Montana native, says of his typographic classifications which comprises his MFA thesis. “Hidden beneath these characters, each typeface also has character—its own unique characteristics.”

See a selection of Olin’s superhero font pairings, which includes The Hulk, Spider-Man and Catwoman, below.





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