Mastodon “High Road” Video

Come ye knaves, and gaze upon this new Mastodon video with your whispering eye!

Atlanta’s Mastodon tend to get hilariously grisly with their visuals, but this time around they keep it more on the light-hearted side with “High Road.”

The metal quartet teamed up with artist PooPooClub and director Robert Schober, aka RoboShobo, to tell the tale of a young squire immersed in the vestiges of medieval lore— okay, he just likes to play Dungeons and Dragons with his grandma and duke it out on the weekends with his LARP-ing homies(Live Action Role Play… get out of the house and have an adventure fam!).

Check out the video in the player up top and get ready to be taken on winding, metal-fueled journey of triumph, betrayal, vengeance, and a little wench on wench action. “High Road” can be found on Mastodon’s June 24 release, Once More ‘Round The Sun. Word on the street is they’re taking pre-orders, if you’re on that BitCoin wave that is!

[h/t Mashkulture, Pitchfork]

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