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Weekly resident fashion guru Tracy, selects premium goods to feed your stunting habit. Prevailing as Mass Appeal Fashion Editor/Stylist and having served as concept designer for Urban Outfitters, Tracy’s got an eye for spotting trends worthy of eating up your ends—we’re talking greenbacks (money).

Super Wokstore Ndebele Spectacles

Super Wokstore Ndebele Sunglasses Limited Edition

Tracy’s Take: The Super x WOKstore Ndebele Special Sunglasses are the quintessential homage to your Spring/Summer wardrobe lending a well executed tribal print to a classic frame. Southern Africa is in the rear view of the glasses design. A sign that you’ll be turning heads as well. Peep more specs on these spectacles below.

Specs: The Giaguaro Ndebele is a limited edition of 120 pieces, characterized by a double-sided printing on metallized acetate, with custom engravings and aubergine Zeiss lenses. Taking its name from the combination of one of SUPER’s silhouettes and a truly inspirational tribe from southern Africa. The Ndebele culture has inspired a whole new world that brings out the colors and culture of its people through the sunglasses, with the special print deriving from Ndebele murals: large and colorful geometric patterns that women paint on their houses. There goes the neighborhood.

Price Tag: $215

Buy It: The Fancy *Sold out via RetroSuperFuture, but available on TheFancy.com, only for a few more hours.

Grey Ant Tuff Clear sunglasses

Grey Ant sunglasses shades

Tracy’s Take: For years I have been a die-hard fan of the multi-talented designer, Grant Krajecki of Grey Ant. Now that his creative focus is shown through two lenses, I’m not alone in seeing his vision. Raekown the Chef, The Cool Kids’ Chuck Inglish, Usher, and Kelis are just a few of the celebs to follow suit. Grey Ant serves you a product of “new found classics for the modern day hero.”

Specs: The aviator model known as “Tuff” earned its name because of how rare it is to find. The frames aren’t too easy to spot from far away either because they look invisible, just not in the way some frames left out the lenses that later became a fashion trend that gave a viewpoint into its wearer’s wackness.

Price Tag: $200

Buy It: Grey Ant


Moscot Eyewear Sunglasses

Tracy’s Take: Moscot is our homegrown New York eye wear company, with humble family beginnings in the Lower East Side starting in 1920. Four generations later, Moscot has grown with three retail locations in New York and a global cult following. Their style, quality, and customer service has lasted the test of time like its neighbor, the Williamsburg Bridge.

Specs: According to Moscot’s description, “These angular frames are big—really big. Commanding and intelligent on men and women. Perfect for anyone who wants an oversized yet tailored look.” Unofficially, Styles P coined the mentality behind these Moscots—gangster and a gentleman.

Price Tag: $255

Buy It: Moscot.com

Ndebele Special sunglasses The Fancy

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