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Mass Consumption: 7-12-12

Seen, clicked, consumed. A batch of links we like from other websites.

Fatlip Jerrod Carmichael Stand Up Comedy

While we’re busy cooking up content and letting you in on the happenings of the scene, we still stretch our multitasking skills and prowl the blogosphere for what’s hot. Here’s what we found interesting today in the always revolving world of the interwebs.


Pharcyde legend Fatlip cracks some jokes at the Laugh Factory in LA. [ego trip]


The abstract Queens natives Das Racist, and BK representative Talib Kweli join forces for this new jam. [Nah Right]


Learn more about Erick Koston in the first part of the new Epicly Later’d. [Vice]


RIME, DCEVE and TOPER bomb Chinatown with style. [AnimalNY]


It seems the Philly OG emcee Beanie Sigel is returning to the slammer. [Daily News]

Fatlip Laugh Factory

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