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Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week

Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week

We break down our Top Ten Tweets of the week.

Top Ten Tweets
We’re back with a brand new edition of Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the week! This week Twitter taught us a few new things, including how to calculate self-esteem, how Diplo feels about the new Daft Punk album, and what Tyler, the Creator does in his free time. Enjoy!

I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. P.S. I think you mean “Heroin”

*spoken word finger snaps*

Take notes class


I can’t stop staring…


You’ve got TOO much time on your hands, son.

Birdman hand sanitizer gif
Keep dem hands sanitized plehboih

You can read the rest of Diplo’s Twitter review of Daft Punk here.

*I’m out*

That’s it for this week! Do you have a tweet that belongs in next week’s Top 10? Send us your submissions using the hashtag #maTop10Tweet and check back next week to see if it’s been chosen.