Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week

We break down the Top Ten Tweets of the week.

Top Ten Tweets
It’s time for another edition of Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” and as usual, the people of Twitter had a lot of random shit on their mind. Tyler, the Creator shares his thoughts on weed, Chris Rock compares Steph Curry and Allen Iverson, and Lil Wayne teaches us a new word. Enjoy!

Daily Thoughts with your host Mr. Danny Brown.

Yes. This really happened.

You know it’s hard out here for a MySpace pimp.

Wow!!!!! P.S. *Allen

“Once a good girl’s [been followed], she’s gone forever.” – Jay-Z

Damn. Tell it like it is.

“ASAPalapagus” Adverb. To do something in a quick fashion.

NO!!! This is why makeup should be banned. We’ve got people out here trickin’ folks!

So that’s what he does with all of those birds.

*These tweets from Lupe Fiasco we’re in our Top Ten, but it looks like he decided to delete them. To give you a little back story, this past Wednesday the Bulls got WAXED by the Heat. Lupe was pretty upset about the result.

After tweeting that he was “waiting outside on the refs” (this tweet was also deleted), Lupe proceeded to wild out on the internetz about the outcome of the game.

Damn, and Lupe was the last dude I was worried about bringing “the wrath”.

That’s it for this week! Do you have a tweet that belongs in next week’s Top 10? Send us your submissions using the hashtag #maTop10Tweet and check back next week to see if it’s been chosen.

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Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week

Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week

Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week

Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week