Mass Appeal Timberland Skate Shoe Collaboration

New Mass Appeal x Timberland Skate Boots

These boots are meant for skating.

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Timberland construction boots, yo. They’ve been around for 40+ years and yes, they’re back “in style.” No, Drake didn’t invent them. Yes, everybody from Supreme, to Stussy, to Ronnie Fieg has collaborated on their own edition. No, they weren’t meant for urban people of color (I don’t care how politically correct the company wanted to be about addressing its black and hispanic consumers). And yes, weirdo motherfuckers have and shall continue to skateboard in them.

Which is why Mass Appeal is proud to present our very own Timberland Construction Skate Boot. The very first of its kind, the boot is comprised of the classic 6-inch nubuck leather upper (see Smiff-N-Wessun’s Wreckonize for the “Timb’s all seasons for ass-kicking reasons” inspiration) and a fully-vulcanized rubber bottom to grip that stick – aka this boot hangs tough, kicks ass, and skates fast!

Dropping April 1st, 2014 at $19.96 a pop, you’d be a fool to not cop a pair or three. Limited quantities available. Email for first RSVP dibs.

And check out the visual inspiration behind these via Ian Reid’s Kyle James bonus footy (1997) and Deli Status’ Escobar Rich (2013). We made these boots for you two. Whether you’re hopping at the Brooklyn Banks or hopping out the slammer, the Mass Appeal x Timberland Skate Boots will hold down all of your switch flips. Hann!!!

Mass Appeal Timberland Skate Shoe Collaboration

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