• First Annual “Piece Out”
  • First Annual “Piece Out”
  • First Annual “Piece Out”

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First Annual “Piece Out”


Henry Chalfant Mass Appeal Red Bull Piece Out Graffiti Can Spray Train

This Saturday Write of Passage, Mass Appeal and Red Bull Studios New York kick off the first annual “Piece Out” event up in Kingston, New York as part of the forthcoming Write of Passage event series. We’ll be hosting an open-house style program with the local community and painting an entire vintage New York City subway train at the Trolley Museum of New York alongside EWOK and special guests. There’ll be tunes from DJ Buffalo & free Red Bull all afternoon. See you there!

Stay tuned for more to come about Write of Passage and its schedule of events…

Graffiti Covered Subway Car New York Trolley Museum

  • Clarence Fruster

    Let’s gooooo!

  • Onion Ring Pimp.

    Im there~!

  • Upstate78

    Thanks for making this such a great event ladies and gents

  • Mari Molina

    May I ask why this train picture by PRIZ ONE and STAN ONE from The Spanish 5ive*TSF is posted along with this production when they were not there or even invited.
    The train in this pic was done by them back in 2006. Please note that no matter if you remove this comment we have the originals and their coming out in a book sometime 2015.