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Mass Appeal Wants to Son You: Interns Wanted

Mass Appeal Wants to Son You: Interns Wanted


Are you a writer, photographer, video maker, skater, fashion head, sneaker fiend, rollerblader, hero sandwich eater, private dancer, juggler, baseball card collector, Dura Buck wearer, retired corrections officer, message worker, student, preacher, musket cleaner, tuba player, graffiti writer, hooker, food stamp collector, roadie, aspiring journalist, grad student, industrious high school kid, baller, sanitation worker or shoe salesman? If the answer is “YES” to any one of these items then YES, you’re ready to get your internship on at Mass Appeal. It will help you to finally become the young man or young woman you’re supposed to be.

Journalism. Video production. Events. Print. Good people. Juice. New York City. Is this you?

If the answer is yes then you need to ring us.  Our name rings bells. We’ve put on some heavyweights in this game. So stop playing yourself and step up.

Send us an electronic mail message at [email protected] with a resume and a brief note about yourself and we’ll contact you about interning here for college credit.

Mass Appeal’s office are located in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan (NYC) where meals are expensive and everyone dresses well.

Hit us with your thoughts!