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Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the week

Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the week

We break down the Top Ten Tweets of the week.

We appreciate the people that use Twitter to share their thoughts, spiritual revelations and motivational quotes. But what we REALLY appreciate is the ratchetness. That’s why we take a little time out of our week to compile the gems that cross our timeline and share them with you. Here are our “Top Ten Tweets” of the week. Enjoy!

I’m thinking no.

This is Rachel Dratch.

Rachel Dratch


OH MY!!!

Abe Lincoln been down since 1863.

I don’t even want to know…

Gettin’ ratchet in Red Lobster? #VeryRare

The next three tweets win simply because of their relevance.

SMH. Please don’t let this happen. EVER!