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Mass Appeal’s “Top 10 Tweets” of the week

Mass Appeal’s “Top 10 Tweets” of the week


Twitter Bird

Some people get Twitter and some people CLEARLY don’t. Regardless of which category the following tweets fall into, they’re hilarious. These are our choices for the Top 10 Tweets of the week.

This is why I fux with the Waffle House.

*Azealia Banks deleted this tweet after we posted it. But we still have proof!

Azealia Banks A$AP Rocky Diss

#ShotsFired. Still waiting on a diss track from the A$AP Mob for this one.

*Starts a slow clap*

No words.

I’m just trying to picture what ScHoolBoy’s Vines would actually look like. *Tears*

We’ve all been there, bro.

R.I.P Ludacris. We’ll miss you.

Apparently, Roc hasn’t met the girl below.

*Kanye shrug and grin*

But wait, there’s more!


Do you have a tweet that belongs in next week’s Top 10? Send us your submissions using the hashtag #maTop10Tweet and check back next week to see if it’s been chosen.

  • http://twitter.com/DerrickJohnson_ MC Clap Yo Handz

    LOLOL, each tweet just got more and more ratchet! Now that is how you end the week.