Mass Appeal Partners with the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

Check Mass Appeal out for official coverage and participation in the 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival in New York City.

Brooklyn Bridge DJ Stage Film Sunset

Mass Appeal is proud to announce our partnership with the 2013 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival kicking off July 10th. The renowned festival, well into its 9th year, celebrates Brooklyn as a hotbed of buzzing artistry, music and culture, the kind of grounds ripe for our legacy of creative instigation. That being said, festival-goers and supporters can expect a few tricks up our sleeves this year including exclusive collaborative art and merchandise, our MA booth, in addition to our behind-the-scenes coverage of everything that goes down.

The 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival takes place July 10th-13th 2013 and will be headlined by Pusha T, Redman, EPMD, Dizzy Wright and Soul Understated. July 10th will kick off with the Bodega Education Initiative (BEI), a political forum at The Brooklyn Historical Society. The festival continues Thursday, July 11th with the Show & Prove and Salute The DJ (STDJ) series. Friday, July 12th will feature a special Video Music Box 30th Anniversary program. And last but certainly not least, Saturday July 13th marks Salute The DJ, Family Day, the BHF MCA Tribute and The Final Throwdown at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Tickets (including the $75 golden pass) are currently on sale and available on the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival website.

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