Mass Appeal Massive Radio Lily DJ Dreamer

Mass Appeal Massive Radio Lily Broadcast 05.29.12

Smell what we're cooking over on, every Tuesday 10PM-12AM. Hot buttered Caribbean soul for the massive, by the massive.

Mass Appeal Massive Radio Lily DJ Dreamer

The feel-good energy from Radio Lily’s album release party for Mr. Vegas trickled down to Mass Appeal Massive. Like we always do around this time (Tuesdays) we pop off big tunes, rarities, and real talk during the hours of 10PM-12AM. This week was extra special with a running theme of black roses dropping throughout the broadcast. Big up Grace Jones for making an ode to a floral bush. We also know that black roses grow also in Brooklyn’s Flatbush section. Stop and smell what we’re cooking on

Tonight, we welcome DJ Dreamer. A Mass Appeal rep, and a native of Flatbush. He’s been raised on a heaping diet of Jamaican music longer than today’s musical youth. Welcome him tonight on our show, and check out his regular DJ gig on Source Life Radio.

Mass Appeal Massive Radio Lily DJ Dreamer

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