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Mass Appeal’s Back: Earl Sweatshirt & Blake Anderson Cover Issue 52

It’s been a long time since our readers have been able to hold a new issue of Mass Appeal magazine in their hands. That changes this month because Mass Appeal magazine is back in print and we’re bringing out the big guns. Check out our Mass Appeal Earl Sweatshirt cover.

Mass Appeal 52 Blake Anderson Workaholics and Earl Sweatshirt from Odd Future
Cover photo by Sagan Lockhart

Issue #52 features front cover subjects Blake Anderson, from Comedy Central’s hit show “Workaholics,” and elusive Odd Future wunderkind, Earl Sweatshirt. Writer Gabe Alvarez interviews the two about their unlikely friendship and their personal quirks:

“I think people either expect me to be one of three things, and that’s either funny, drunk or high. And I’m usually at least one of those things at all times.” — Blake Anderson on the public’s perception of him.

” . . .Mystery is the fuckin’ best when it comes to music, though. Like I wish Fly Lo had stayed Captain Murphy forever. Like [if] you’d never seen DOOM’s face. Like you never truly [knew] what happened with Eminem and his childhood and shit. Andre 3000 has done like 12 verses since 2002 and is like the best. So being mysterious, if used correctly, can work in your favor.” — Earl Sweatshirt on music and mystery.

The back cover features the incendiary artwork of Todd “Reas” James whom Mass Appeal Editorial Director Sacha Jenkins interviews about his transition from graf writer to sought-after fine artist. Other features in the Mass Appeal Issue #52 include a photo essay on Satanist skaters, an interview with a rapping coroner, a piece about spirituality and ‘shrooms, an exclusive fashion spread featuring Team ICECREAM and more.

How can you get your hands on this epic issue? Subscribe to Mass Appeal for the low, low price of $25 a year and save $15 off of the cover price. That’s four deluxe quarterly issues a year. Magazines will start shipping to subscriber the week of Mar. 18. To make the deal even sweeter we’re GUARANTEEING the first 500 subscribers entry to our ICECREAM SXSW Social event featuring Kendrick Lamar next Friday (Mar. 15).

Mass Appeal Ear Sweatshirt Cover featuring the Mass Appeal Blake Anderson cover

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MASS APPEAL ISSUE 52 for Web-615width-CROP

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