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Martin $ky “Pearl Gawd”

Martin $ky “Pearl Gawd”


Puffy clouds of piano dusted beats swirl and howl around newcomer, Markin $ky’s latest jawnt. The 18-year old rapper and producer’s rhymes hustle along in a singsong fashion, as whirling beats flow from behind his words, like a fog machine behind a billowy image. Trap laced hi-hats and the blare of brassy horn samples add an intentional dramatic touch to the Chicago native’s latest single, “Pearl Gawd.” But with playful slang spelling and a heavy, ethereal vibe, you can’t help but beg the question, “Is this the next generation of Based Gawd?”

Known for sampling Madlib beats: layering them over his quick-witted words, the young producer has quickly become a name to watch in the underground hip hop community. Seemingly still evolving and on the cusp of unearthing his first great hit, hang tight, for there’s still much more to come from Martin $ky.

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