Mark Twain Video Thomas Edison

Mark Twain Stunts In New Thomas Edison Directed Video

Footage of Mark Twain circa 1909 is film gold.

Just two bros hanging out. That is basically all that is going on in this video, only that these bros hanging out happen to be Mark Twain and Thomas Edison. Although Edison is not shown in the short film, Twain is seen walking around his estate in Redding, Connecticut and having tea with his two daughters as Edison captures the events on his kinetoscope, just one of his 1,093 inventions.

Unfortunately, we can’t hear what anyone is saying in the flick, since it was shot a couple decades before sound was implemented into film. Which means all you DIY musicians could score the black and white clip if you were so inclined. We might suggest Nas’s “Daughters,” since Twain’s seeds are up front and center. However, the main point of what’s going on here: just two genius friends playing with a new gadget. You can liken it to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak messing around with the Apple-1 after Woz built the first prototype. Twain died a year after this was made, his voice left unrecorded for future generations, which only makes this archival footage even more important.

Mark Twain Video Thomas Edison

Mark Twain Video Thomas Edison

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