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Mark McNairy Mocks Pyrex Vision at NYFW

Mark McNairy Mocks Pyrex Vision at NYFW


You might call him McNairy or “McNasty” but after his latest NYFW stunt you’ll definitely call the popular menswear designer “clever.” McNairy added a little light-hearted trolling to his recent New York Fashion Week runway show by trotting out a model in a flannel shirt with the word “TUPPERWARE”  across the back. That’s right, the show was the debut of “TUPPERWARE VISION”

The shirt was sly a reference to Kanye West creative advisor Virgil Abloh’s PYREX VISION line which has received some unwanted attention lately when people found out that the $550 shirts they were selling with “PYREX” on the back were just repurposed Ralph Lauren Rugby flannels that retail for $50 .

McNairy tells Complex no malice was meant by the parody, “I’m just having fun doing what I like to do.”