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The Gonz and Natas In Coversation

The Gonz and Natas In Coversation


Monster Children’s cameras were rolling during legendary skater, Mark Gonzales’, recent “15 Years of Gonz and Adidas” show out in Los Angeles. And rightfully so, as fellow-legend Natas Kapas also made an appearance to interview and engage in conversation with skateboarding’s renaissance man. The two parlayed about Gonz’s early West Coast history, including how bad he wanted to ride for Skip Engblom’s Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards, but eventually wound up riding for Tony Alva’s. He also goes into retrospect about his heavy-set episode in New York City, when he was scarfing down more than his fair share of pork tacos. Maybe this one’s more for the celebrity factor (considering that both dudes are like the Zeus and Poseidon of skateboard history), but hell, anybody who’s ever picked up a board and attempted to ride basically owes their insignificant existence to these two street skate gods.





Mark Gonzales laughing with Natas Kaupas

An old photo of skater Mark Gonzales