NYC’s Homeless Are Moving to the Manhattan Bridge

The search for housing in NYC reaches new heights.

Last week, a cyclist spotted a man climbing on the Manhattan Bridge and called the police, thinking the man might be planning to jump. But instead of trying to end his life, the man, a Chinese-American known as ‘Joey‘, was only risking his life to climb to his home above the bike lane on the bridge. With the addition of some discarded wood from nearby Chinatown, Joey made a tiny shelter just large enough to sleep in.

Joey says that he moved here from China 13 years ago to find a better life, but lost his money to gambling. He, and vagrants like him, are now risking their lives climbing the bridge to build tiny shelters from the recent excessively cold winter. NYC has the country’s largest homeless population, and it has increased 13% since 2012. So it’s no surprise that people like Joey have found the need to get creative with housing.

The Homeless of NYC Have Taken To Living On The Manhattan Bridge 2014

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