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Manfred Kirchheimer’s “Stations of the Elevated” Showing at MCNY

Manfred Kirchheimer’s “Stations of the Elevated” Showing at MCNY

Today, the Museum of The City of New York will be hosting a screening of Manfred Kirchheimer’s Stations of The Elevated: New York Graffiti on Film. 

The film takes a look at what can be described as tumultuous times, both socially and economically, during the ’70s in New York City. The original film was completed in 1980 and features a number of writers you might be familiar with, including Lee, The Fabulous 5, Shadow, Daze, Kase, Butch, Blade, Slave, 12 T2B, Ree, and Pusher. While Stations of The Elevated is categorized as a documentary, there is no narrator, and the entire film is scored by Charles Mingus, accompanied by Aretha Franklin throughout.

The film, which originally debuted this past June at the New York Film Festival, will be showing today at 6:30 pm. Following the film, patrons will have the opportunity to sit in on a discussion about the film with its director Manfred Kirchheimer and author David “Chino” Villorente.

Hit the video player up top to check out the film’s trailer, and make sure you head over to MCNY to register for the event.


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