Man Gets All Jackie Chan on Phone Thief’s Ass

Kung Fu Master or not, dude's got balls

One of the beauties of the internet is that random, amazing things like this video just drop on the internet out of nowhere. The downside is that you don’t always know what the hell is going on. When it comes to crazy videos from China this can especially be the case. For one reason, they don’t have a ton of English-language media. But also China’s big on CCTV surveillance—their state television is even called CCTV. So when something crazy happens—like a man whipping a thief off a scooter with an insane running drop kick—it’s all captured from multiple angles.

What we know about this video is that the dubious YouTube description says the bad ass is a “Huo Master (Kung Fu) according to [a] source.” Huo refers to Huo Yuanjia, who technically practiced a fighting style called Mízōngyì which focuses on mobility and deception. Huo’s life has been depicted in many films, most recently Jet Li’s Fearless.

Regardless of whether or not this dude is a “Huo Master” or not he has plenty of deception and mobility. The thief steals his phone from his truck and casually drives away. But “Huo Master” has perfect form pumping out to cut off the thief as he loops around. “Huo Master” squares up and gives the scooter driver a butt to the face. The look on that shook thief’s face is hilarious.

Watch the clip for yourself in the embed above.

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