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Man Almost Dies After 3-Day Gaming Binge

Man Almost Dies After 3-Day Gaming Binge

According to Voice of China, a 26-year-old man named Xiao Qiang in China’s Hunan province collapsed at his seat in an Internet café after a three-day gaming binge session. Qiang was taken to the Hunan Brain Hospital where doctors determined that he experienced a brain hemorrhage due to his 72-hour continuous game play. No bathroom breaks, no sleep, just straight up game play.

Voice of China also reported Xiao Qiang went hard on fried chicken and loads of carbonated drinks, which contributed to the hemorrhage according to the doctors at the hospital.

Due to the hemorrhage, Xiao Qiang is suffering from partial paralysis. A resident supervising doctor named Xiong Zhiwei said most of Qiang’s motor functions are recoverable, but he’ll have impaired speech as well as various mental disabilities.

Sheesh. This is why we are #teamgetoutthehouse.

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