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Malcolm Mays “#bussItopen (Dichotomy)”

Malcolm Mays “#bussItopen (Dichotomy)”


Los Angeles artist Malcolm Mays pairs his mental discordance with equally disparate visuals in his new music video “#bussItopen (Dichotomy).” The video opens with a scene reminiscent of a biblical baptism before cutting to a ballet-esque twerk session. Throughout the video, Malcolm pauses to reflect on his past, but keeps getting distracted by matters of a more physical nature. I definitely have to give credit to Mr. Mays for the originality of the track, but what’s more impressive is that he also directed the video.

Don’t get too distracted while watching the video, or you might miss out on depth of Malcolm Mays’ lyrical content. Lines like, “I’m trying to live like you, but the truth is, Lord, you had some daddy issues too,” show that Mays talents extend outside of the world of film.

Watch Malcolm Mays music video “#bussItopen (Dichotomy)” above and afterwards let us know if you’re digging the video.

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