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Malcolm Hearn’s Documentary Stalks Damien Hirst’s 11 Spots

Malcolm Hearn’s Documentary Stalks Damien Hirst’s 11 Spots

You don’t have to like Damien Hirst’s work. He’s the richest man in the art world, and taste has nothing to do with it. And if you like art like Malcolm Hearn does, that’s a problem. Hearn, who collects art has set forth to travel around the world, visiting eleven galleries showing Hirst’s Complete Spot Paintings exhibit, all for a chance to win a mystery spotted print. Through his travels, Hearn is documenting the process in 11 Spots, meanwhile criticizing the art world for its pretentiousness in the ballooning prices of art. “I’m feeling conflicted about my involvement and that’s my challenge,” he says in the trailer for the documentary. “Through first-person narration and on-camera testimonials, I will examine this conflict between confronting and feeding the market.” Is it even worth calling bullshit on fine art after it’s become a world of exclusivity and status?

60 Minutes reported on how it’s a route for the rich to get richer. No surprise there. It’s popular, and even from it’s 1% world of gazillionaires, it still manages to trickle down into hip-hop and streetwear. Jay-Z rapped in front of Hirst’s pinwheel painting in the video for “Blue Magic” and Supreme has worked with Hirst on a line of decks and T-shirts, respectively. Hearn’s work will definitely continue the conversation. But any actual change will probably be spotty.

11 Spots Documentary


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