Madgibbs Videos Are So Thuggin It’s a Shame

Watch the latest low-down-dirty video for Madlib and Freddie Gibbs's "Shame."

Shame Video Madgibbs Freddie Gibbs Madlib

In an era where the number of quality emcee-producer duos are scarce, Madlib and Freddie Gibbs are filling the void. Establishing their territory with their initial release of the Thuggin EP along with its sequel the Shame EP, the two are making it known they represent the real. With verses from Gibbs that reak of gangster, coupled with Madlib constructed soulful compositions, it is arguable that no producer emcee combo is creating music quite as well as they are right now.

In light of their Shame EP, released on July 10th, the group gives us the visuals for its title track “Shame.” Directed by Jonah Schwartz, the video includes the short-lived track “Terrorist” (also off the Shame EP), and does a great job of complementing Gibbs’s lyrics, showing him during what seems to be his normal routine at the “office”—and by office we mean an apartment where there’s a constant cycle of ladies coming in and out for there favorite type of white powder. While the video isn’t the most visually stimulating, it does its job of giving off the correct vibe to match the tone of the track; not to mention that it starts off exactly where “Thuggin” left off, making it seem as if the videos have a continuous plot. Check them both out below, and make sure to grab the Shame EP and the Thuggin EP, which are both out now.

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