Macklemore’s Stage Outfit Offends Jews and Everyone Else


Last Friday everyone’s favorite salmon-footed, fancily-coiffed, “bastion of Thrift” Macklemore stepped back in the spotlight. While the #THRIFTGOD is known for his empathy and fastidiousness when it comes to being ethnically inclusive, it looks like Macklemore missed a step and tripped over those Modells bargain rack-inspired laces of his.

Macklemore was at Seattle’s Experience Music Project Museum for the May 17 unveiling of their new exhibit “Spectacle: The Music Video,” dedicated to the medium of music videos. Museum curators sought out Macklemore and his main damie Ryan Lewis for the event as the exhibit will contain a number of never before seen interviews and props, notably Macklemore’s fur coat from the ‘Thrift Shop” video.

As an added bonus it looks like Macklemore decided to provide some surprise entertainment at the opening of the exhibit Friday night. Little did he know he would offend folks and would be labeled an Anti-Semite come Monday morning.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

It’s a bit of a surprise that no one in his camp thought to throw Young Salmon the hint that his whole getup might be perceived as offensive. And as soon as the people saw his outfit, the reactions began, including notable member of the tribe Seth Rogen:

seth rogen macklemore message via twitter antisemitism outcry 2014

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Is it possible that Young Space Needle threw on a clever disguise so fans wouldn’t be aware that the Grammy Award winner would be showing up to an event in his hometown to perform? Not likely. We’ll just add that the next time he throws on a questionable outfit he should keep the questionable salutes hand gestures out of it also.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis



Yesterday, The Mack Man hit Twitter, not to apologize, but to say the following:

macklemore response to antisemitism claims 2014 via twitter

Hey man, when you’re on top there are always a ton of folks below you trying to tear you down. But it’s on Macklemore to realize that no one is gonna let something like this slide. Photogs snapped photos of ill-timed gestures, celebs got in on the stone throwing, and a would-be surprise performance turned into yet another Macklemore train-wreck.

What does EMP stand for anyway, extreme Macklemore prejudice?

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