M.I.A. “Double Bubble Trouble” Video

3-D guns, twins, and drones? You're in trouble.

After hitting “Late Night with Seth Meyers” with a spacey performance of the track, M.I.A. hopped on Twitter to release the music video for “Double Bubble Trouble,” from Matangi, which was initially blocked on YouTube by Universal Music Group…but all seems to be good now.

MIA's tweet about Double Bubble Trouble now being available to watch

Similar to her live performance, M.I.A.’s self-directed visual brings back the dancer doing the “chickenhead,” along with groups of twins, 3-D guns, and glowing peace-sign drones. The eye-catching video also features loads of booty popping and seizure-inducing edits.

Watch M.I.A. get into “Double Bubble Trouble” above.

MIA releases the video for "Double Bubble Trouble"
MIA releases the video for "Double Bubble Trouble"

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