Lush’s Reign in Spain Now Hits Trains

Lush’s Reign in Spain Now Hits Trains

Graffiti artist LUSH is still hitting trains out in Madrid. How you may ask? By keeping it Ultra Magnetic. In a clip recently uploaded to his Instagram account, we find the graffiti artist along with SPOK revealing a new way to get up, stick up, if you will.

This could be the next wave in graffiti. Although riddled with “fake” hashtags this is still legit as fuck. It’s innovation meets expertise, the same philosophy that has kept graffiti alive this long. Peep the videos below and get familiar because trains are still getting hit these days and it causing such a stir with the good folks at the MTA. This may be one way for writers to get up without getting locked down. Peep the videos below to get an idea of the process and execution.