Lunice Off Tha Wall

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Lunice

We chop it up with Montreal-based DJ/producer Lunice, for a new episode of Off Tha' Wall. We chat about his celebrity, the Power Rangers, and what it's like working with Kanye West.

On this episode of Off Tha’ Wall we caught up with DJ/producer Lunice, hailing from Montreal, Canada. During a pit stop in NYC for a show with his partner in crime Hudson Mohawk, the TNGHT member took some time out to stop by and answer a few questions for us.

Things do get a little strange when the topic of celebrity crush comes up, but it’s all in good fun as he lets us in why he thinks Batman is better than Superman, the Ninja Turtles are cooler than the Power Rangers, and fills us in on an incident in high school that could have easily had him expelled.

Besides some candid Q&A, Lunice also filled us in on some significant info like the process of working in the studio with Kanye West, why Le Haine is his favorite movie, why he started producing in the first place, and why Lisbon, Portugal is his favorite place he’s been to on tour. Check out the episode above and be on the look out for more from TNGHT and Lunice in the near future.

Luncie from TNGHT for Mass Appeal Off Tha Wall

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Lunice Off Tha Wall

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