Photo of the Lucid FC Twins, Betts and Chet DeHart.

Lucid Twins Leave Atlanta on a High Note

From ATL to NYC.

Filmed and Edited by Jabriel McIntosh

When we first introduced the DeHart twins nearly a year ago, they were merely teenagers with hopes to launch a successful streetwear brand. Lucid FC was still in its infant stages, with a cult following based off the twins’ popularity in their city of Atlanta.

Since then, they have been featured in publications like Nylon, Esquire Mag, and most recently Vogue, amongst others. It’s the kind of exposure 18-year-old designers can only aspire to receive, and the kind of validation a writer can only hope for when he pitches a story to his editor on some teens no one has ever heard of.

While Betts and Chet are headed on a path that many travel, two designers hoping to reach success in New York City, they couldn’t leave their hometown without one grand send off. Vying for a bombastic bash, the twins pulled out all the stops for their Atlanta brethren.

Foremost, a beat to shit van got blessed with a facelift from the legendary graf artist Dr. Dax. Following the live art display, Key! and I Love Makonnen, two artists on the rise from the hotbed of the Atlanta music scene tore it down for the 400+ in attendance at the club, and exclusive Lucid merchandise was selling out the back of the van like loud packs.

As the Lucid twins flee their nest to fly north, expect these young cats, along with their partner Jonah Levine, to make some serious noise with Lucid FC in The Big Apple. Not only will you see their signature LF logo clad on the backs of every cool kid in a borough near you, but expect to see their faces on the scene and all up in your Internet feeds.

Although these budding young talents will be sorely missed in Atlanta, the concrete jungle promises lucid dreams to blossom into existent realities. Mass Appeal was lucky enough to have a hand in putting the whole shebang together, so check the video above to see the madness that ensued and be sure to check out the Lucid site for exclusive merch from the party.


Photo of the Lucid FC Twins, Betts and Chet DeHart.

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