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Louie Lopez 8mm Edit for CONS

Louie Lopez 8mm Edit for CONS

To Live and Skate in LA.

In a new beautifully shot, mostly black-and-white 8mm short for his sponsor CONS, Flip rider Louie Lopez waxes philosophical on skating in Los Angeles and the lifestyle in general.

Louie makes it very clear that he doesn’t want to be know as a particular kind of skater, and that his ultimate desire is to be able to skate everything, and damn does he try!

While Louie name-drops Converse teammate Kenny Anderson as having “style for miles,” for a skater his age, Louie has an incredible style of his own, and seems to already know what he wants out of skateboarding.

Watch the video in the player above and see Louie Lopez skate pools, rails, and ledges expertly.