Rick Ross does fitness

Lose Weight the Boss Way with #RossFit

Loose one pound in 30 days with #RossFit

“I didn’t mention it last time, but you are here with your shirt off man. You are sliming down family,” the tipsy Tim Westwood complimented the beautifully sculpted Rick Ross, taking (many) sips of alcohol during a backstage interview after the Big Boss’ London performance.

One could imagine Ricky Rozay as the type of millionaire rapper to pull a Richy Rich stunt. You know, like purchasing his own McDonald’s and changing the McChicken to the RickChicken, and only hiring the finest bags of money this side of the Pacific to serve him McGriddles RickGriddles upon waking. #BodmonTings

I’m sure most of us forgot about our own New Year’s resolutions to get in shape, but not Ross. Remember when he made his jeweler shoot hoops with him in his backyard basketball court to get in shape? Oh yeah. Now, the biggest boss thus far has a new obsession, aside from Reebok kicks and Bellaire Rose. You’ll never guess it.


Before you spit out your drink and gasp for air, give Ricky a chance. One more chance. We got exclusive clips of Ross da Boss in the gym pumping iron that will make you want to throw away those old Tae Bo and P90X DVD’s and join the #RossFit lifestyle.

Introducing Kayne’s Rick Ross’ Work Out Plan:

Lose weight the #RossFit way

Step one: Lift. *Ungh!*

Rick Ross talks with Tim Westwood about rossfit


Step two: Lift one more time. *Woooh!*

rick ross and time westwood interview about ross loosing weight

Step three: Eat. *Rozay!*

rick ross on eating fruit tim westwood

Once you’ve worked up a nice sweat (from laughter) check out the full interview in the player above as Ross flexes his toned chest for a female reporter, chats about his plans to take over the fruit game, and breaks down his new fitness regimen— #RossFit.

Yung Billy Blanks might have a little competition in these streets.

Gyasi saved 15 or more pounds my switching to #ROSSFITT. Follow her on Twitter @thedominusg

Rick Ross does fitness

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