Home News Art Lora Zombie – “Coffee And Milk” Speed Drawing
Lora Zombie – “Coffee And Milk” Speed Drawing

Lora Zombie – “Coffee And Milk” Speed Drawing


Thank you Lora Zombie, for helping me take my mind off the fact that it’s Monday.

The Russian self-taught painter gives viewers a look at her unique style in this short speed drawing video entitled, “Coffee And Milk.” Zombie mixes her street art with a bit of grunge and surrealism, with the final result resembling something from a technicolor fantasy. Watch the video above, and afterwards check out more of Lora Zombie’s amazing work here.

Music by Youth Lagoon.

Artist Lora Zombie Coffee in her studio

Lora Zombie starting her painting

Coffee and milk speed drawing by Lora Zombie

Coffee and milk drawing from artist Lora Zombie

Lora Zombie drawing her Coffee and Milk painting

Lora Zombie signing her painting

Lora Zombie Coffee and Milk Speed Drawing finished