How NY’s Oldest Pizzeria Stayed Open in the Wake of Sandy

When you think of New York City’s signature foods you might think of bagels or hot dogs but odds are you’ll definitely think of pizza.  When you think of Hurricane Sandy and what it did to the city you should think of the ingenuity and resilience of Lombardi’s Pizzeria in SoHo.

Founded in 1905 Lombardi’s was the first licensed pizzeria in the U.S. after Sandy hit last week manager Gilbert Soto decided to open for business although the restaurant had no power. Using their coal-burning oven to bake pies made with handmade pizza dough and tomato sauce the staff served up hot pies by candlelight and even rigged an elaborate system of batteries to illuminate the place.

Watch the video above to see how Lombardi’s kept on serving slices and pies in Lower Manhattan’s post-Sandy blackout.

[Via Storyboard]

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