LOL Boys Go on ‘Indefinite Hiatus’

Say it ain't so, the rising DJ/producers go their separate ways.

LOL Boys Jerome Potter Markus Garcia

The music duo known as the LOL Boys gave word this week that they are on an indefinite hiatus. Cue the sad noise(s). The duo, comprised of Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia, will continue on with their musical endeavors: Jerome with his creative control and input with the newly emerging Body High Records (alongside Samo Sound Boy) and Markus with his anticipated solo project to be announced in the near future.

We’re aware that “indefinite hiatus” does not mean the death penalty, but who knows when they will come back together? So, in case this is the last news we hear about these guys as a group, we feel it’s our duty fans and a house music nerds to give some parting words.

In a time where people can make a popular track and become forgotten with in the same paragraph meant to project them into Internet-stardom, The LOL Boys became a staple within the modern house/club community. The LOL Boys seemed to be one of the first underground music entities to embrace the quirks, randomness, and nostalgia of Internet culture as a means to project their playful sound. Further emphasizing the importance of both the visual and audio aspects of music, their array of original songs and remixes spoke directly to the idea that people can learn and explore their melodically exotic and colorful tracks. This is especially true of their breakout single “123” (Released on Palms Out Sounds).

LOL BOYS “123”

Dance Music is meant to be fun as well as insightful, but not too introspective where the idea is that people go out to “dance their pain away” (as Rod Lee would preach) and not think too much. Given this idea, the LOL Boys were well aware of the humor—as apparent in their name—and allowed this understood sense of levity with their audience as a means to explore some pretty abstract and emotive musical ideas.


Pour a little out for the LOL Boys just to cover up some of the tears on the dancefloor. To the guys who embodied world music for Future Bass.

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