Roc Marciano "76" Decon

Listen to Roc Marciano’s New Single “76” from Reloaded

Since relocating to the West Coast, Roc Marci reloads for his next Decon album with rider music.

Roc Marciano "76" Decon

After announcing his return through the excellent “Emeralds” (“Lamborghini dreams and Nissan nightmares . . .”), Roc Marciano emerges from the gritty city (he is living in LA now) with a brand new single, the smooth and haunting “76.” An underlying menace creeps through the whole track, accentuated by reverberating piano keys and background vocal echoes, all produced by Roc himself. The album is slated for release on November 13th through Decon records.


Roc Marciano "76" Decon

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