Home Video Listen to 51 Seconds of Wu-Tang’s $5 Million Album
Listen to 51 Seconds of Wu-Tang’s $5 Million Album

Listen to 51 Seconds of Wu-Tang’s $5 Million Album


Wu-Tang’s decision to release only one copy of their album Once Upon A Time in Shaolin for $5 million has been surrounded by controversy, with debates over whether the limited release is actually good music. Some Wu fans are worried they won’t get to hear the album, and have even tried to liberate the project via Kickstarter.

Since breaking the story in March, Forbes has traveled to Morocco to gain a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album. In the 13-minute clip, titled “Once Upon A Time In Marrakech: Unlocking Wu-Tang’s Secret Album,” fans can hear a snippet from the album featuring Ghostface Killah.

Watch the mini-documentary in the player up top, and listen for the snippet around the 9 minute mark.

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According to Rolling Stone the female vocals heard in the snippet above is legendary singer Cher. If you listen closely you can hear Cher singing “Wu-Tang, baby. They rock the world,” at the end of the track.

Although this is the first time anyone has acknowledged Cher’s involvement in Once Upon A Time in Shaolin it was never really a secret. If you go to the album’s website it states that it “includes special guest appearances by Bonnie Jo Mason.” Cher’s first single without Sonny Bono, “Ringo, I Love You,” was under that same pseudonym. Cher has had in hand in two songs on the album.

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