Links A Million: Chief Keef Beef, Heems Gets the Money + More

Our daily round-up of worthwhile links around the Web.

A teenage rapper in Chicago is shot and killed. Chief Keef laughs his ass off. The Twitter-verse collectively SMHs [Complex]

Das Racist frontman, Himanshu Suri, wants to be the first south Asian indie rapper to make Forbes’ Cash Kings list. [Forbes]

With a little help from Netflix, iTunes and DVDs, here are three intriguing TV series to help you with that year-long “Breaking Bad” withdrawal. [Vulture]

More than 25 years after “Subway Art,” Martha Cooper contrasts the nudity in classical paintings with the heat her latest street art subjects are catching for the content of their murals. [12oz. Prophet]

Riots, old-school graffiti, and decadence. “NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell” takes you on a 90-minute tour through 1977 NYC, decades before Times Square became Disney Land North. [Gothamist]


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