Limited Edition Baron Von Fancy Prints


New York born and bred artist Gordon Stevenson aka Baron von Fancy, is showing his hand-painted sign work at Colette in Paris from Feb. 4 until the 23rd but if you’re not out there and can’t afford the plane ticket you can purchase one of his original prints from The New York Art Department’s store. Not a traditional sign painter his sign work is his way of creating a collage out what he overhears everyday in the streets of his hometown:

“Most of the phrases I use are pseudo-clichés, tongue-in-cheek aphorisms that I overhear in my daily life–in conversations, on the subway, on television and radio, or waiting for the walk light to change when someone is talking on their mobile phone. A string of words said by someone I don’t know, and who has probably not thought about them, is transformed when I paint them. I give them my personal touch.”

The limited edition (50) signed and numbered Baron Von Fancy prints are three-color, 20” x 16” (50.8 cm x 40.6 cm) screen prints on Coventry Rag. Check out the prints and shots from the Colette exhibition below.



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