Lil Wayne Launches SPECTRE By SUPRA In Miami

Supra invited Mass Appeal down to Miami to celebrate the launch of Lil Wayne's new footwear line, SPECTRA by SUPRA. Check out our exclusive recap after the jump.


Supra invited Mass Appeal down to Miami to celebrate the launch of Lil Wayne’s new footwear line, SPECTRE by SUPRA. Showcasing the new Chimera mid top, Weezy & Supra pulled out all the stops by throwing an amazing event to say the least.

Don Cannon spun the night’s tunes as Wayne’s homies and partygoers made their way into the spot. Notable Hip Hop figures such as Bun B, Mack Maine, Taz, DJ Stevie J, and French rappers Booba and Gato were all in attendance. Skaters Chaz Ortiz , Chad Muska and Stevie Williams were in the mix, thrashing the indoor half pipe while rocking to some of Tunechi’s newest cuts.


Hosting a pop-up tattoo shop, artist BJ Betts hooked up party goers with comp tats who wanted to remember the night in a more permanent way. At some point Wayne decided to hop in the chair and actually gave BJ a tattoo! Yeah… shit got that crazy.

By the end of the night, the side of the half pipe filled with beautiful ladies, skaters, and Weezy, as he announced that skater Chaz Ortiz will be officially repping and riding for SPECTRE.


Make sure to mark your calenders for the release of the Chimera on May 18th. Also, Be on the lookout for what’s next for Lil Wayne’s SPECTRE by SUPRA footwear line. From the looks of it, they’ve got a shit load of surprises in store for the masses.

Photos by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for SUPRA Footwear


lilwayne_spectra_supra_Lil Wayne




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