Lil Wayne Skates The OC With Friends

Lil Wayne Skates The OC With Friends

While Weezy might be in the media spotlight for a ton of other not-so-positive things lately, let’s not forget that the dude is still capable of having some clean fun with the skate homies. Here’s a new video shot in California’s Orange County featuring Greg Lutzka, Tyler Hendley, Yo Yo and Christiona Sereika as mercenaries for Wayne’s hire. Tunechi flexes his improving skills by 50-50-ing a curb, landing two boardslides on a rail, ollie-ing a grass gap and getting some ditch action. Aside from his exaggerated excitement (think it makes him look like such a skate fanboy) I really can’t hate on this. The dude’s genuinely happy about learning to skate more. Kudos to him man!

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