Lil Wayne Skates The OC With Friends

Lil Wayne joins Greg Lutzka and friends for an Orange Country, California evening of skateboarding.

While Weezy might be in the media spotlight for a ton of other not-so-positive things lately, let’s not forget that the dude is still capable of having some clean fun with the skate homies. Here’s a new video shot in California’s Orange County featuring Greg Lutzka, Tyler Hendley, Yo Yo and Christiona Sereika as mercenaries for Wayne’s hire. Tunechi flexes his improving skills by 50-50-ing a curb, landing two boardslides on a rail, ollie-ing a grass gap and getting some ditch action. Aside from his exaggerated excitement (think it makes him look like such a skate fanboy) I really can’t hate on this. The dude’s genuinely happy about learning to skate more. Kudos to him man!

Lil-Wayne-Skateboarding-With-Greg-Lutzka-And-Friends Lil-Wayne-Skateboarding-With-Greg-Lutzka-And-Friends-2 Lil-Wayne-Skateboarding-With-Greg-Lutzka-And-Friends-3 Lil-Wayne-Skateboarding-With-Greg-Lutzka-And-Friends-5

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