Lil Wayne standing next to Chaz Ortiz and tour bus

Lil Wayne Cosigns Zoo York’s Chaz Ortiz

Weezy on Steezy.

Oh what, you thought the prize money skateboarding circuit was all about looking good while getting the endorsements? Eh, sort of. But it’s pretty hard to look the part – what all the outsiders see on their TVs – and still land some of most consecutive technical tricks in one of the year’s most prestigious and viewed competitions – which all the insiders have to respect.

Ask Zoo York’s Chaz Ortiz. The homie just took second place at this year’s Tampa Pro competition and managed to get the non-skateboarding world’s most relevant skateboarder, Lil Wayne, to cosign his abilities. It may not mean much to insiders and naysayers, but the truth is that if you know Chaz’s caliber of ability (skating since six years of age), Chicago upbringing, and Zoo York fostering (discovered by Harold Hunter himself), you couldn’t ask for a better ending (or 2014 beginning) for a kid that’s put so much effort into his competitive riding.

Check out the video up top to hear Weezy’s supportive words and watch a recap of Chaz’s technically-obliterating performance in Florida.

And if you haven’t already, peep our recap of Zoo York’s “King of New York” premiere, where Ortiz broke down the significance of the film and New York City skateboarding to us.

Skateboarding grind at skatepark

Skateboarding riding away at skatepark

Lil Wayne standing next to Chaz Ortiz and tour bus

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